About the UIA

Universal International Academy (UIA) is established in 2012 in Cixi county, Ningbo City. UIA has offered  world renowned curriculums including A Level and ACT education to thousand of young adults in the region.We believe that students benefit significantly from individual and small group teaching, which has been shown to improve retention of information, enhance critical thinking skills, develop confidence and presentation skills and consolidate learning. For that reason, individual and small group tuition is part of every student’s learning at UIA. You are assigned a Personal Tutor to help plan and support your academic progression.

Your studies are personal and bespoke – relevant activities and excursions can be included, tutorials can be added on a subject or skill on which you need more time, and talks by visiting specialists are thought provoking and keep you up to date with your university and career choices. With a tradition spanning more than a decade, we welcome students from across the country, offering the benefits of a unique learning programme, specific to individual needs and aspirations.

Alevel 留学课程

A-Level课程是指英国高中课程,是英国全民课程体系也是英国学生的大学入学考试课程。A-Level课程证书被几乎所有英语授课的大学作为招收新生的入学标准。 UIA留学为英国A-Level考局Edexcel和AQA官方认证考局。


ACT 留学课程

ACT考试全称“American College Test”,中文名称为“美国大学入学考试”,是美国大学本科的入学条件之一,也是奖学金发放的重要依据之一。由ACT公司主办。ACT考试分为四个部分:文章改错(English),数学(Math),阅读(Reading),和科学推理(Science Reasoning)。另外,作文为选考。



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